For all your printing need, whatever you need we can provide,

All work is carried out to a very high standard and a very competitive price

I have been running ColourPress very successfully from 1990. Here is some useful insight and information which may some interest to you or your company. I print all usual and popular items, Business cards, letterheads, birthday invites, party tickets and personal mugs or with you company logo on them


Price are set at a very competitive rate as I am sure you well agree once you have browsed through my price list I look forward to hearing from you soon

It’s so easy to forget these special moments –

the first steps, first birthday, losing the first teeth, riding a bike for the first time. They’ve also change so much it terms of look it lovely to capture how cute they are when they are so young! Or just for old person

and that’s why I love creating family portraits. They aren’t just pictures -

they are memories. So easily forgotten –

yet so easily relived with quick glance at an album, a beautiful piece of wall art or emotive slideshow, it’s such an honor to be able to capture these special family moments and create a legacy of memories for years to come.

We can put the photograph into a frame or we can put your photograph onto a pen drive so that you have them all the time or send to family member over seas

If you have an old photograph that you would like touch up or restoration, we can also do the to a high standard

All photographs can also be put onto mugs or put into a photograph frame


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